Tuesday, 20 July 2010

DeLancey's Brigade

OK, I'll admit that the primary reason that I wanted to paint this unit was because of the pretty white hats. They do, however, fit into the brief I set myself to paint Loyalist forces who were active in the south so I guess that's my get out clause.

These figures are from the relatively new Peter Pig Range which I like very much and are a genuine pleasure to paint. The only thing is that they didn't have feathers in their caps so I just cut out some pieces of paper which I had painted black and stuck them onto the hats after painting. Seems to have the desired effect so I'm quite pleased.

DeLancey's Brigade served in Savannah and Charleston. I believe the engagement of most note that they took part in was Eutaw Springs which was the last major engagement in the Carolinas. After this, I believe the Brigade returned to New York and was disbanded after the war.