Thursday 5 August 2010

Queen's Rangers Highlanders

Just finished this unit of Queen's Ranger's Highlanders. The figures are by Peter Pig.


  1. Another rather nice unit. You are slowly drawing me back to AWI! Good stuff. I rather like the new Peter Pig stuff.


  2. Once again, very nice work, and the QR is one of my favorite units.

    The flags look sharp: are you making them yourself or are they purchased?

  3. Thanks all. The Peter Pig figures are really nice and a joy to paint. The only issue I have with them is that the flag poles aren't long enough for my purposes so I cut them away, drill their hands out and insert brass wire replacements.
    The flags are commercially bought from Flags for the Lads.

  4. Great site with lots of great information. Thank you for going step by step with your work. For a new person its a great tool to learn from. Thanks again and please keep up the great work!!!!