Monday 11 May 2009

Queen's Rangers figures (Infantry)

As far as I am aware, there are three manufacturers who make Queen's Rangers infantry in 15mm. The first one which I looked at was Freikorp and they didn't really float my boat as I wasn't really keen on the sculpts and lack of poses. The second manufacturer was Minifigs but sadly, there are no pics of them on their web site but they very kindly offered to send me a sample which I declined as I had already decided my plan of attack by then. Third and final manufacturer is Old Glory 15's. Several problems surfaced with this manufacturer- No pics on the web site so I emailed them to ask if they could send me a pic of the figures I was interested in. Their answer? 'Sorry, but we do not have the means at this time to take pics.' If this answer shocks you, I can assure you that you were no more shocked than I. Problem two is that it isn't easy laying your hands on Old Glory 15's and more in the UK and the postage is a real killer. Problem three is that Old Glory 15's tend to be quite large and wouldn't really mix in with figures which we already have.

In the end, after thinking long and hard on the subject, I eventually decided to convert. As a basis for the conversion, I started with a light infantryman from Essex Miniatures (

The comb on the hat was removed and the peak also. Next thing was to get rid of the turn backs to create a short coat.

I then cut out mitre shapes from paper and stuck them onto the front of the newly cut down caps. It may seem a little flimsy for gaming purposes but once you complete the next step and get some paint on them, they're not too bad at all.

The feathers were made out of bits of Milliput which were moulded around the top of the hat and pushed up to the paper mitre to give it strength. The feathery indentations were made with a dampened scalpel which stops the blade sticking to the Milliput.

Here are a couple pics of the finished product. The flags are from 'Flags for the Lads' (

Unit update (7/8/2010)
I converted and painted this unit of Queen's Rangers Riflemen a while ago but compromised slightly by not including the hackle as I couldn't think of a way of making it and thought that it might be a bit brittle. Well I have not been entirely happy with the compromise so have re thought the decision and this is what I came up with. I used a length of plastic box shaped rod and cut into the corners with a blade to form the feathers then cut into appropriate lengths and glued to the side of the existing hats.
I'm much happier with this. Here are a couple elements to show the addition.

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