Friday 8 May 2009

Wargaming the American War on Independence

Now, I'm no stranger to the American War of Independence but I would class myself as a novice to this particular conflict. As a group, we have been gaming the AWI for a substantial number of years and I have finally arrived at a place where I want to build some troops for it.
The first consideration was what to do as we already have the core of what is needed so I decided to go for what would be considered, by many, to be more fringe elements. After flicking through books and web pages and seeking advice from people more in the know, I decided to launch into some Loyalists. I pretty much wrote off the British Legion straight away as it was a bit too predictable for my liking. The Legion which did spark my interest, however, is the Queens Rangers as it incorporates quite a few unique elements. In addition to the standard infantry units, you also get to build Light Infantry, Grenadiers, highlanders, Huzzars and Dragoons and the icing on the cake is that they had unique milinery which looks pretty cool.
The next consideration was which period to choose. This was quickly sorted out as there was a uniform change after 1780 resulting in the snazzy hats and they also wandered off into the South which is more of an interesting theatre for me. In addition to the Queen's Rangers, I will also be building a unit of the Volunteers of Ireland (more snazzy hats) and also a unit of deLancey's in their nice white roundabouts (more snazzy hats). I shall be posting pics as I finish these units and maybe some day pics of them in battle.


  1. What figures are you planning to use for DeLanceys? And what look/colour scheme?


  2. Figure wise, I haven't really looked into it. I'm planning on aiming at the Mollo look from Blandford.

  3. Just a quick update. I have now finished the unit which is also on the blog. I ended up using the lovely new(ish) Peter Pig figures.