Thursday 9 September 2010

Artillery redoubt

Just working on an 1812 skirmish scenario which requires an artillery redoubt so thought I'd better build one. 
First step is to cut out the base from chip board. Great way to recycle some old crappy furniture. 

Glued a few gabions in place. Gabions are from Hovels.

Earth banking made from balsa wood. 

Gun platforms cut and glued in place then scored planking into them. 

Added some log protection.

Basetex applied. 

Sand dry brush on the soil. 

Made a few tools to scatter about the place. The shafts are made from cocktail sticks which are split at one end and then the card spades are slotted in.  Gun platforms painted with a watery flesh ink wash and the gabbions are painted sand and then given a chestnut brown ink wash.

Finished off with a bit of flock and leaf scatter. Will take some 'in action' pics later in week. 

Wednesday 8 September 2010

15mm trees

I have been unhappy with K&M trees for some time but they have served their purpose. I wanted to make some more realistic looking trees but didn't want to spend a fortune. Having looked around, I discovered some tree armatures at the local model railway shop which weren't too expensive and it wasn't too difficult to throw them together to make some nice (I think so any way) trees and you can make loads from the pack. I also bought some additional flock to beef them up a bit but per unit, they still come in cheaper than K&M and I am much happier with them.