Friday 7 February 2014

Scratch built tree

I'm trying to work on better terrain than I have been gaming with in the past and the latest project is trees. When I was at York this past weekend, I bought a large tree kit from Before attempting this, I decided to have a go with a similar method with things I already had in the house. I began with making a basic construction made from the inner part of basic flex which you can find about the house. No, I didn't rob it from a light fitting, it was spare. Don't know what you people take me for...
The wires were twisted to form the trunk then this was split up to start making larger branches. These were then spli to form smaller branches etc. After that I coated the structure in kitchen towel with pva glue. I like the way this method comes out but it is very time consuming and future builds will use a painted on material instead. After that, the structure pas painted and sea foam was applied to the branches with pva. I think future builds will be with rubberised horse hair. Flock was then applied using non scented hair spray followed by another spray to fix it. The final step was to finish the base with paint and sand with a dry brush and flock applied.
I'm very pleased with this first effort and can't wait to get out with a camera for reference to build some more.

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