Tuesday 20 July 2010

DeLancey's Brigade

OK, I'll admit that the primary reason that I wanted to paint this unit was because of the pretty white hats. They do, however, fit into the brief I set myself to paint Loyalist forces who were active in the south so I guess that's my get out clause.

These figures are from the relatively new Peter Pig Range which I like very much and are a genuine pleasure to paint. The only thing is that they didn't have feathers in their caps so I just cut out some pieces of paper which I had painted black and stuck them onto the hats after painting. Seems to have the desired effect so I'm quite pleased.

DeLancey's Brigade served in Savannah and Charleston. I believe the engagement of most note that they took part in was Eutaw Springs which was the last major engagement in the Carolinas. After this, I believe the Brigade returned to New York and was disbanded after the war.


  1. Eccles, you're on fire! Lovely work, as usual. I like the floppy white hats - but can't help but think they must have made a good target in darker, wooded areas!


  2. I'm with you on that one. There is some debate as to whether they wore them or not, the only evidence seeming to come from a 'deserter'. Doesn't say which side he was deserting from though.
    The other matter called into question is the facings. Some accounts say they should be green.
    Basically, given lack of accurate facts, I kind of went for the Mollo illustration as it looked nice.

  3. Those are some nice figures, well painted.