Thursday 22 July 2010

Peter Pig AWI rules

Pre game set up. First of all, there is the pre game set up. Anyone familiar with their Wars of the Roses 'Bloody Barrons' rules will be familiar with this.
Each side is given a set number of dice which they divide up, as they wish, into several catagories i.e. extra ammo, scouting, etc etc. When this is done, both sides then roll the number of dice which they have assigned to the appropriate catagory and any 5's or 6's (might just be 6's) count. Who ever gets the most wins that part. So if you get the most for extra ammo, say, then you get the extra ammo. You get the idea.
The attacker and defender both pick several small pieces of terrain according to their list and the defender then deploys these. The board is divided into something like 6 sections and each section must have at least 2 pieces of terrain either wholey or entirely in the section. Once this is done, the attacker gets the chance to modify this to a certain extent.
In some games, the defender will then place objective markers on the table in places which he would like to defend. Four markers are placed and the attacker gets to remove one of these. These add to the points system at the end of the game to see who has won. The deeper an objective is into enemy territory means that it is worth more points if captured.
OK, now the armies are deployed and the game begins.
The game has a command and control system. An army commander, and his subbordinates have command values according to their ability. The C-in-C decides where he would most like to exhert his influence by picking a commander in that area. There is a dice roll which is modified by his and the subbordinate in questions command ratings. This will result in how many extra dice that subbordinate gets to spend. i.e. re-rolls.
We then get down to the activation of units. This is basically a PIPs system. A commander will roll a dice to try and activate a unit. If the commander is poor quality, he is less likely to be able to activate anything. If you fail to activate a unit, your turn is over. Once activated a unit rolls to see how many PIPs it gets. If you are using a commander who has been given extra dice by the C-in-C and you don't get a roll you liked i.e. not enough PIP's of a bad saving roll etc, you may elect to use those extra dice to dice again. You may move, shoot, charge etc according to the number of PIP's you have. If an active unit comes within close range of a non active unit, that unit is allowed opportunity fire on the active unit.
To fire, you get as many dice as you have bases and then you need a certain number to hit on each dice with modifiers. The opposition then gets a saving throw for each hit.
Thats the basics of it and in my opinion, it works quite well. The pre game bit is a bit of a distraction for me and makes it really gamey to no advantage.

Those are my thoughts any way.

I'd be glad to hear what other people think if they have tried them.

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